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If you would like help or advice about your pouch, you can always e-mail Zarah Perry-Woodford who is a Pouch Nurse Practitioner at St. Mark's Hospital in England. She has years of experience helping new and experienced pouch owners alike and is happy to offer advice.

In order to support more people, she may publish extracts from your e-mail without your name. If you are not happy for Zarah to share anonymised extracts with others, please state that in your e-mail. 

Zarah's e-mail address is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


Our 2017 Information Day took place on Saturday 13 May at St. Mark's Hospital, Harrow.

The event was a great success attended by 54 people (excluding Committee members and Presenters).

Recordings of the presentations will soon be available to view on the web site. 


Information Day 2018 will take place at St. Marks Hospiltal Saturday 12 May 2018

For further information please contact

Susan Burrows
Membership secretary 

Download the programme for 2017 information day.


Please download a PDF membership application form to join the Red Lion Group.


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