Diet Tips from Members

The following comments are taken from the responses to a diet survey conducted by the Red Lion Group in 1999.

It is important to appreciate that everyone’s reaction to foods is highly individual. So what is suggested as a tip may not work for you, or may even have a detrimental effect.

However, these ideas should give you something to try if you are not happy with your pouch function at present.

“I always sit down at a table when eating, and concentrate on getting into a relaxed state of mind before starting. I try to eat slowly.”

“For best pouch function, I try to eat a good mixture of food for each meal…this avoids a severe reaction to any one type of food.”

“Eating 10 marshmallows before going to bed seems to help prevent/lessen leakage at night.”

“I have a banana each day after lunch.”

“Not eating regularly or going a long time between meals causes watery output and anal irritation [for me].”

“I’ve gone a whole week with no potato and I’ve found I’m much better. Gone from 6 - 7 to 3 – 4 times on the loo.”

“[As I have to avoid lots of foods], I supplement my diet with Ensure!”

“[For me], too long between meals causes painful wind and cramps.”

“Wind is increased the longer I delay going to the toilet.”

“Since giving up smoking, pouchitis attacks have been very much less.”

“Drinking vegetable juice is quite soothing on the digestive tract.”

“Fish creates smelly stools.”

“Routine, balanced meals (medium portions) with enough starchy foods and less protein works best [for me].”

“Onken bioyoghurt helps to settle my pouch and to decrease wind.”

“Anything slightly off or out of date causes increased urgency and pouch irritation [for me].”

“I associate anal irritation more with a change of soap powder on underclothes.”

“White wine settles my pouch – usually taken socially, so maybe relaxation helps.”

“Physical activity using stomach muscles leads to increased frequency.”

“I very rarely get anal irritation. I drink herbal alkalising teas.”

“Globe artichoke is brilliant [for thickening stool].”

“Aloe vera (from Forever Living) evens out consistency and is excellent.”

“I have noticed if I eat cereal or toast for breakfast then use the toilet, I do not need the toilet until I eat again.”

“[My pouch is settled if I drink] lots of fluids, especially water.”

“Stress and tiredness have a detrimental effect on [my] pouch.”

“I suffered from anal irritation for the first few years but now always use Hackle wipes and now it is no problem.”

“I avoid fried foods. I would recommend a steamer!”

“More liquid output – seems to be caused by apprehension [for me].”

“Pouch function is slowed if I eat first and wait an hour or so before having a drink.”

“Cold drinks or very hot drinks will speed [my] pouch function.”

“Eating a lot of fruit with pips or seeds and skin will cause [my] pouch function to speed up.”

“I find herbal tea helps to settle the digestion, especially after a main meal.”

“Light but continuous activity eg gardening, walking [settles my pouch].”


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